April 17, 2016

Ticking And Cloth...French Countryside Decor Textiles

 Burlap Luxe Textiles

Authentic traditional textiles in designs and patterns are not
disregarded by the French nor the lovers of its
countryside style; produced then and now.

Upholstered and painted with weathered rustic age.
Burlap Luxe 

 French Ticking

I have been sewing French throw pillow shams for my
home and Burlap Luxe etsy shop.

Centuries old rural rustic fabrics are still dominated textiles in
French interiors.
Prairie, farmhouse and countryside; old textiles lift up and compliment
every other element in its space.

 via Dore Callaway Burlap Luxe

French textiles enhance the love of living well worn with
faded age.

A thread of time.

I do not use zipper closures, yet an old envelope cuff is
sewn down tucking away perfectly placed feathery down inserts, 
giving the pillow shams a feel of centuries old.


No welting-buttons or zippers that are often associated with
modern times distract from the peasant countryside
feel and design.

 Ticking and Grain Cloth

Traditional mattress ticking; was originally kept to bleu and
grey. Now seen in various colours whether newer or older,
it's all in keeping with French countryside style thats
timeless and never lends a dated design
 Ticking Feathered Lumbar

 Drop Cloth

My French brocante style is in keeping with worn textiles,
faded and lived with.
I have had drop-cloth curtain panels in my home for
years now. 
The curtain rods are oak closet poles that I had Home Depot
cut the length for me. Then I washed them down with
a watered down grey paint giving them a
patina of all things French.

 Eyelet Brackets

The eyelet brackets was an idea I came up with to solve a problem with
not finding quite the aged rural countryside feel I was after.
I took an old metal fence post to my iron guy, asking him to
cut 3/4 inch rings and could he please follow my pattern
measurements with a post and face plate that I could
screw into the wall?
He was concerned about forging perfection, I was not.
As you see I got exactly what I was hoping for, and
what I desired.

Rural, Rustic,  And Salvaged. 
Inspiring a salvaged French textile home.
Hand Sewn by Dore
At my etsy shop...

April 07, 2016

Provencal Market Inspired...Authentic Humble Hands

My daughters hands ( Hannah Callaway )  

Burlap Luxe
~ Dore Callaway 

Burlap Luxe
Hand thrown pottery. Creating simple pieces with
attention to its imperfect details, European inspired.

Each piece holds a brocante market feel.
Unexpected moments with a feel of comfort in
Old-World style.

Every piece stamped BL

The moment a cup-bowl fit shapely in my
hands I knew they had to be a part of 
Burlap Luxe pottery line. 

The cup idea clearly came from the way the French
enjoy life In the countryside.
Coffee, teas, and delights are introduced and served up 
in a cup-bowl.

My mission is to inspire the beauty in the imperfect.
Entertain your home with countryside rural romance while 
connecting with hands that create.

Bed-side roses

 Humble Hands Create.

The Cup-Bowls and dessert plates will soon be finished in the finest clay 
with dinning safe glaze fired with heirloom beauty.

Available soon...

BurlapLuxe esty shop
 Serving ideas...Individual pepper and sea-salt servings add to
a European rustic meal aside BL pottery.

Letting life unfold charmingly,

Having my whole heart.
My last of a series of 4
Sea painting "The French Sea"
painted on 100 year old salvage wood.
By Dore Callaway

BurlapLuxe etsy shop

April 01, 2016

Burlap Luxe Roadside Pottery...Rural Rustic Home

Burlap Luxe Roadside Pottery
 by Dore Callaway

Burlap Luxe Roadside Pottery

Burlap Luxe is artisan hand thrown where hands are involved in creating fine porcelain clay tableware that take on centuries-old European rustic and rural countryside feel of much that has been handed down. Giving you an extraordinary experience in tableware with simple, yet meaningful pieces where as not everything needs to be perfect and matching. There is nothing ordinary about Burlap Luxe roadside pottery. It is defined by paler limpid shades, given a patina that comes from years of use. Fine porcelain clay, high kiln firing and slow cool down assures each and every piece produced meets food prepping surfaces that is just as important as foods that figure strongly in our lives.

Unique shapely pieces, plates that entertain old world and 
bowls that act as cups.
In the French countryside it is common that your coffee and 
teas will be served in a bowl. A bowl cup that serves up
creams and berries as well.


Burlap Luxe pottery stamped BL
Create, inspire, and delivers good and pure from hand to table. Engaging with the table more often than not gives us a sense of being rooted in our homes.

I created the POTTERY sign from 100 year old salvaged wood while perfecting
the Burlap Luxe roadside pottery designs that will carry the final design trademark...
B L 
For Burlap Luxe

Burlap Luxe 
 Stamped Trademark

My final stamp style (BL) I settled on.
Burlap Luxe, hand thrown pottery line has an old world feel to 
entertaining with pieces that take on a more rustic feel in tableware.



Handle and non handle creamers.
Rustic shapes with a European countryside age to them.


Fired to perfection.


Lidded butter dish
Home thrown, a bygone feel to what may have had hand
 churned butter covered in.


Garlic keepers that hold 5 heads
hand dipped and brushed glazes in a patina of French butter.


Garlic White


Dore Callaway

I am excited to bring my... 

Burlap Luxe Roadside Pottery Designs...

Coming soon this week to my Burlap Luxe 

etsy shop.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

~William Morris      

Inspiring a European home.

March 20, 2016

At Home..Cottage French

Burlap Luxe At Home

Let's just keep it simple and
throw in some pillows, flowers,
and a special piece for me!

Carmel By The Sea

French Floral Can...
Real-life marvels.

Where I dwell and live creatively.

Enamored with European pieces that once
painted garishly showy take on a
finish I paint to each piece
known to me as, rural French

Where canvas paintings and salvage
 sets the tone for all things

My new favorite is a beautiful original oil 
painting on canvas.

By Artist Cindy Austin

Artist Cindy Austin

"Carmel By The Sea"

Having such a dear friend in the art world and blogger, 
I mentioned to Cindy that I know of a photo that will 
inspire perhaps a new art piece out of her.
To my surprise! not only did she paint it,
but it arrived at my home with great

With all the romance Carmel California added to
my life with the feeling of a European village;
I so connected with everything about this 

Growing up in the Bay Area of Northern California,
falling in love there, Carmel-by-the-Sea makes
the heart soar.
A European-style sea town where sheep graze
in the hillsides overlooking the roaring
surf, and calming breezes.

Carmel California, is rated one of the nation's
top sandy sea towns.

Tears flowed when I took notice of this special
signing on the side of the canvas.

Artist Cindy Austin-Redmen
Hillsborough, NC.

If you are interested in her works of art and where
the inspiration of this painting came from, please follow
her over at her blog site...

 here...Cindy's Fractured Fairytale

At Home By The Sea