June 29, 2015

The Village Potter...A French Home

 All In The Details Of Collecting And
Creating Pottery.

 Plain and simple clay becomes my objects of desire.
 Spending time around clay creating plates I like to call
roadside pottery that feels authentic and natural to add
raw materials to my French country home.

The firing kiln temperature allows me to use them
 I love how they add traces of me being the village potter to
my home. Quirky and mismatched in shapes and size, 
rustic and romantic, the time-worn feeling brings
rural France to my home.
Inspired by Pottery

June 25, 2015

Rural French And Faded Old-World

 Burlap Luxe Home Faded And Washed

Linen and faded in old-world style; perfectly at home in
French country-style.

 Inspired by the palest of French living.
I have been sewing with faded worn looking linens.
 New to my etsy shop is the feather pillow slip covers envelope style
faded shams. They have the feeling of old world European linen flour sacks,
and I love the French cottage charm they add with being washed, and worn.

 Euro-sham in faded roses and stripped linen.

 Lumbar linen sham in the same print over stuffed with a feather insert.
It fights in no way with its pale backdrop.

 Rural French and faded with washed and worn old-world.

Reclaimed fabric's add so much to my faded French home that
I am keeping a set for myself, and the other set is listed in my
etsy shop here on my sidebar. Soon to be filled with more
  relaxed vintage, and hand-made, sewn by Dore (me) 
at Burlap Luxe.

Living rural French.

June 19, 2015

Living Close To Nature In My Art Designs

 Burlap Luxe Home And Art

Creating to move Heaven and Earth.
Coarsely created to move you soulfully in wonderment.

 My strong passion for creating what I see from day to day comes to light, inspired
by nature.
Using a collection of found objects such as, aviary or chicken wires, old discarded book pages,
egg cartons all in the mix of Cartapesta~Paper Mache art.
Evidence of my life long passion for wild birds and creating Frenchly around them, can
always be found somewhat creatively in my home studio.

 The start of Cartapesta paper mache.

 My latest art piece artist created
~by Dore Callaway 
of Burlap Luxe
 Hand Sculpted Bird Lands In Peacefulness.
~ By Dore
Sits perched at its place of roadside sanctuary.

"Oh bird of my soul fly away to the sanctuary of
your aviary of rest."
~ Dore 

 Nature finds itself in the likeness of a twig chandelier.
Nature from my garden.

 Pieces of gathered and collected nesting can be added in its aviary.
Feathers of wings, twigs of nesting, eggs of beauty, clip art of vintage bird book ephemera.

 Measures: 21" in height, 7" in width, 4" 3/8 in depth...
Wild Bird 5" in length
With a bit of tatter old cloth canvas for its nesting.

 Twig Chandelier,

My pockets are always filled with natures gatherings, its my inspiration.

 "I created beyond my limitations, looking
for the bird in my soul."
~ Dore

 In agreement with creating.
The soul of a birds roadside bird wing sanctuary, a sheltered rest.

 Creating with old decayed age.
painted with washed away weathering to its detail, revealing mottled pigments of old.

 All created with paper mache Cartapesta and wire form.
Not of mass market materials, but of pieces and scraps of paper and cardboard's.

 "Put a birdcage near a window so that the bird can see the sky?
its much better to look than not to,
even if it hurts."
~Klaus Kinski
Inspiration of natures life can be found about Burlap Luxe living home.

My latest piece here...Road-Side wild bird sanctuary a sheltered rest can be found
in my Burlap Luxe esty shop on my side bar.

All fine art and designs exclusive to Burlap Luxe
artist created by (me)
~ Dore Callaway

June 13, 2015

In Agreement With French Life...Worn Tired Beauty

 Burlap Luxe Home Living
In agreement with life.
 For there the heart can rest.

I am working at a calmer pace, creating pieces with French linens;
it will be around August when they appear in my etsy shop.

 The history of French designs lives within the spirit of why I create.
The love of fine pure and good linens inspire living with
the past.

 French linens, hemp's, vintage matalasse all speak the language of
worn tired beauty; and I love creating with tattered pieces
and all.

 I feel the nature of a French country cottage within me.
Creating with natural textiles relaxed, and carefree

(French life)
A prized possession created for my home...
"L'entente de la vie"
(In agreement with life)

Thank you dear sweet Vera, for creating this French silk beauty, 
a friend who knows me well. Here at...

May 31, 2015

A Sense Of Soul And Being...Lived With And Loved

 Burlap Luxe Home
A sense of being.
Throughout my home you will feel a soft patina of 
romancing the lack of colour.Yet antiqued with
 finishes that capture a language of the
 French country side with linens and
reclaimed woods washed in time.
 For years now I have avoided floral art pieces,
"I love experimenting with color," yet it had
to have a powerful age to it. I wanted the canvas 
floral paintings to feel as if they had been around
a couple of hundred years, and this one had
my heart racing at first glance.
 "It's not what you look at that matters,
it's what you see."
~Henry David Thoreau

 Comfort of aged.
Around the edges of some of the roses it appears to be painted in
a burlap gold, yet not the case it's where paint has pealed and
chipped away. In the center of a rose is a tattered frayed
spot that made me love this piece that much more.

Antique appraiser is what this piece needs, I was told its best over
200 years old and you can see the rolling and rippling of the 
cloth it has been painted on like an old museum piece.
The back ground is painted in dark charcoal grey, and lighter
 French grey 
 My latest floral canvas find, painted on antique
linen was framed until I removed the frame curious
to see who the artist of this soulful piece
was signed by.

 Age is apparent, and I love it for that
very reason.

 Nailed and tattered with grace and Beauty.

 Inspiration 'I get my design ideas from
what speaks to me softly and soulfully'

A natural jumbled effort in mixing of the old.
French vintage zinc floral cans, and  
galvanize add that French rural country
 to the aged elegance of things wonderfully  
effected in a room without competing
 for attention with one another.
 Chippy Iron speaks to me.

Salvaged from a garden post also speaks to a room
without competing with its softer edges.

"When one tugs at a single
thing in nature, he finds it attached
to the rest of the world."
~John muir 

May 20, 2015

Returning To The Sea, Sea Weathered Art And Designs

 Burlap Luxe Home In Quiet Moments

A dear friend is moving back to the sea this week, the calm in which we will be entertained 
with visits planned often enough pulls at our hearts in sharing
our friends beauty of his new home at its sandy hem.

Artist Dore Callaway

"The cure for anything is the salt of the air; tears, and the sea.
~ Dore

This setting inspires washed and weathered by the salted air.
Perhaps a few visits will have us looking for that poor sweet
weathered cottage with us as the new care takers.
This photo is inspiring whats to follow in our
Burlap Luxe home.

April 05, 2015

French, Prairie, Or Farmhouse, Its About Raw Texture

 Burlap Luxe Home Designs

My New Typography Sign Pottery
Artisan Created By Dore (Me) Burlap Luxe.

41" x 13" 1/2
All salvaged woods 100 plus years.

 Inspired to created this sign after spending time in the studio of clay.
Studio of art on the desert of Southern California.
"The Burning House"
Art Studio.

 I love when pieces call out to me to create. This hinge is original to the antique window
that became part of the letter "T" I love the salvage it adds.

 I use salvage pieces that call out to be used.
Old table tops for the base covered with vintage and weathered barn woods washed in
tree bark beige's and French greys.
Embracing the imperfection.
 I add fragments of vintage to complete the letters, adding all the right kind of rightness.

 Pottery, earth and fire glazed in touchable beauty.
Everyday objects bring a natural style to living in harmony with ideas that inspire.

I have been creating the essence of beautifully well lived pottery as the French say,
"Perfect Imperfection" seem to capture the essence of the French approach to
creating with the underscore of confidence in French, never throwing out
a piece of use.
Mixing my artful pottery with the old of pieces collected and gathered.

 Ironstone Pottery

 Nothing is served in anything that distract from the colour of food.
Countless chefs and food experts refuse to serve food on anything other than the plainest white.
 Porcelain and faience (stoneware and earthenware) 
glazed in every shade of white to creams.

 Uneven, raw texture and the absence of smooth edges add to the reason I am creating
in clays giving reason and the impression that these pieces have been unearthed
from an old French country chateau, known as roadside pottery.

 Simple imperfections of art clay speak to me!
The charm in creating imperfect pieces become very perfect for me.
Adding rustic French to my rural kitchen.

 Rows of pottery useful, beautiful, loved and used.

 Setting the table unpretentious, restrained elegance with French pottery as
the backdrop.

Soon you will find hand thrown pottery in my etsy.
My home cabinets will be filled.

 Rustic pieces nudge me to create in reclaimed beauty, adding a 
backdrop to how I create art for all reasons.

 I purposefully age, damage and abuse my pieces to achieve the love of
all things French. Using salvaged pieces tug at my French soul, rooting
myself in living with age.

 All my pieces had a different life before they reached my hands, where then I
took each piece and finished them in clay like patinas not allowing one
piece over the other, to compete with each other.

"Nothing is interesting unless it becomes personal."

 In Plain View
Washed and given a weathered worn finish as if acquired over years inspire,
plain and simple as that.
 Home is where the art is.
Good and pure art heals the home...The most important and theatrical place
to entertain my pottery is the French kitchen where guests and family
enjoy something good on my pottery.

All my home pieces painted by me, adding a calculated austerity and
feeling of timelessness.
The POTTERY sign will be hung over a bank of cabinets.
Pottery signs will be added to my etsy in time, along with
uneven pottery.
Working on custom orders.