April 18, 2014

A Canvas Of Whites

Spring cleaning in Burlap Luxe home
Florals of white
Dusted grey chandelier in the entry.
Weathered French floral cans.
French and aged against a white canvas.
Pure and simple.
A side table I built from salvaged aged woods, and
I adore the less then perfectness.
White is the colour.
A French chest of drawers serves as my coffee table with
perfect storage at hand.

April 13, 2014

That April Morn And French Wire Baskets Filled

Burlap Luxe Wire Art~ Created by Dore (me)

That April Morn, and French Wire Baskets Are Filled.

Most of you know my wire art and the joy of bending, twisting, and
creating new pieces always excite the new beginnings of the delicate pieces
they become.

Little spring, sweet we found.

Laid eggs in every nest made.

Wire gently bent back and fro, welded a sweet handle to hold.

Tucked in its sweet nesting a Lavender sachet pilliow sweetly made and holiday gifted from
my sweet friend Elizabeth Maxson The Adventures of Elizabeth
How sweet the smell of spring.

After a piece of wire takes shape, it then takes on a bit more with a crusty white with
aged finish.

Another wire piece I created is dancing Pia bleu. It was created to look like our
Italian Greyhound puppy now 8 months old. The wire piece was created for one of my theatre
stage performances where I create mini French theatres of song and dance.

Wearing her bun and wire crown and a tattered grey dog collar she dances this spring holiday.

Little nests of hay.

Eggs wrapped in burlap twine and dried roses, with tattered white cloth loose bows.

Perfectly tied for the nicest nest.

Advance the flight in me, Easter Wings.

My wire cage I created from salvage. He wears his crown and feels this day.

April 05, 2014

Good And Pure Prairie

BurlapLuxe Via

Good and Pure Prairie Style.

When imagining a prairie life one might invision dusty lands with tumbling tumbleweeds.
"weathered homes buried under layers of milk paint, and sagging stained of tea
colored wallpapers."
Farmhouses that have barely been touched in what seemed like decades of
authentic history.

fifi O'Neill
The Romance Of The Prairie Is Back.

Prairie Style Magazine, May 2014
Has returned with the unspoiled charm of living in Prairie Style.

The most appealing approach to this magazine is it's many homes original to their natural
rustic textures.
Prairie Style Magazine is unveiling it's raw beauty of what's new in prairie style living.
144 pages of beauty photographed stories and 9 fabulous homes
coast to coast and Canada.

Pre-order a single issue or bulk.
(Bulk orders are 10 copies or more at $4.99 each rather than
regular price of $9.99 each)

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Watch for your copy at your local retailing book stores magazine racks
and retailing magazine stands.

Table of contents
"Places In The Heart" Stories

"Modern Pioneers" Section

"Special events and DIY"

9 Homes Featured...
Sure to inspire.

Let's take a country walk with
fifi O'Neill

In supporting May's 2014 issue in the return of...

Thank you fifi darling,
so excited.

March 14, 2014

Gilded French Rococo And Birdcages

Burlap Luxe Kitchen

Stored away a French gild mirror of silvers, gold and bronze has found its way to
hanging now in my kitchen.
I have had this vintage beauty through many moving wars and it has surprisingly
taken a few beatings with lasting beauty.

Gilded with authentic French history.

I have added the elegance of a French gilded mirror to the simple living space
of my country white distressed kitchen.
The cabinet underneath the mirror displays a softer side of
collecting pieces I love, and live with.

I have been painting and distressing farmhouse chairs adding
a bit more rustic to the elegance.

Vintage birdcages scattered about soften the harder edges of elegance;
welcoming spring.

Thank you Lin, for creating this tiny pen ink print nest and eggs.
It is loved right where it can be seen.

Birdcages designed to play their part in my French country house.

Rural and Rustic

Comfortable with the characteristic pieces that are almost painfully rural up
against the gilded mirror

Decorative Details

The beauty it added to my kitchen sitting area.

Inspiring details in unexpected places.