December 19, 2014

Nordic French Noel

Burlap Luxe Adorned

Beautiful winter in the spirit of the season.
Stickly bare tree with a quirky French ornament tag. Little Afghan pine trees fill our
rural rustic home suited perfectly.

These sweet peaceful trees give off a wintery glow to a Norwegian cottage but,
inspired here by all its French designs.

Nothing adorns the tree but, a single torn French book page as an
ornament tag reminding us of a simple winters solstice; rooted deep
in the gentleness of the reason.

I like the feeling of a simple celebration of "Goodwill" in the peaceful heart
of our home.

A vintage Noel adorns a French garden antique planter box with
pine trees under a lighted window. It adds a cozy feeling to the kitchen by adding
something rustic, and beautiful.

A Merry weathered holiday in all its rustic charm.
Tis the time of
and red boots.

December 05, 2014

Adding French Theatrical Drama...Tour

Burlap Luxe Holiday

My latest French theatre designed and built by designer Dore Callaway (Me)
Ladies and gentlemen,
La Nouvelle French theatre now in appearance.

A Joyeux Noel

Opening for holiday appearances the New Orleans gypsy mice surface from the undergrounds, and
the walls of an abandoned and decayed old French theatre. Its ornate and
stunning architecture still visible, yet shadowed by its disprepair. The
walls dirtied with intrigue of its former glory.

The relief was created from orphaned pieces of antique salvage, it was a work in progress,
and a soulful experience creating it.

A stage where French gypsy mice every December 5th gather for a musical of dance,
and song.

Tickets sold at the door.
Ticket designed by Anita, at Castles Crowns Cottages.

Join in on a theatrical production linking with 4 other beautifully artistic bloggers.

Here...A Tiny Cottage In The Woods
Here...Castles Crowns Cottages
Here...Row Homes And Cobblestones
Here...Violet Skiles

The theatre was filled, stage lights lit, and trees for a Joyeux Noel performance were as
dusty as the stage floor itself.

A side view of the theatre. The main structure I built from deconstructing an
antique 1920's French humidor cabinet by cutting it in half, removing legs, and
adding walls and old wood flooring. Along with all the decorative touches,
and aging technique to the finish art with paints.

Cast: Louise ~ Astier,
Virgil ~ Auguste ~ Rafael

The performers scurried out from the cracks in the walls and gaping stage floorboards,
taking to the stage where they squeaked and danced singing the joys of a French Noel!

Astier leaves the stage for a wardrobe change for the next scene in their gyspy wagon.

Enterance to the abandond and decayed French theatre that inspired the theatre
that I created beyond these New Orleans historical theatre doors.

Creating theatrical drama plays a big roll in our inspired French home.
I will be creating this coming year more French theatres for my
etsy shop.

Please visit my blogger friends and their theatre theatrics with more
holiday performances.

A Joyeux Noel

New Orleans gypsy puppet theater.

November 28, 2014

Something Bleu...My Art And Daughter Hannah pg.148-155

Burlap Luxe Home

Something Bleu.

I have been wanting to add some colour to my home of white.
When I spotted this heavy grained pillow with a raised rich steel blue velvet pattern,
I knew this was the direction I wanted to head in.

Often when you hear the phrase, "Something Bleu" you think of a brides wedding day.

An early arrival

Prairie-Style Weddings
Rustic And Romantic Farm, Woodland, And Garden Celebrations

Photographed By MARK LOHMAN

Chronicle Books

Fifi O'Neill and Mark Lohman have traveled the country to bring you a most beautiful
book filled with love, and the love of inspiring.

I am so taken with being in beautiful company of sharing a placement on the front cover.
My LOVE sign that I created from slavage, and old barnwood washed in wedding whites,
and greys.

I have not put this book down, and you won't as well. Not only will you feel every page is a
love letter romancing the prairie, its easy styling is nothing short of pure and good that
ceremoniously encourages love.

The pages, all 183 of them inspires a wedding book with a voice to its rustic pageantry of
ceremonies where one will find inspiration in styling with architectural salvage, trends in
home and garden decor, reclaimed rustic prairie styling, European and American vintage,
and antique furnishings a key mix in the romance and beauty of prairie-style weddings.

Went to extraordinary lengths to win back when prairie weddings were planned around
what inspired life on the plains of the prairies. Where it was common to hold a wedding
in a home or a barn. This was not a practical desire for simplicity rather then minimalism.

My new coffee table book

Has an inherent purity to the authentic feel in each of its home weddings.
Its pages of simplicity in time worn invites a cozy feeling to its softer relaxed side of
rustic elegance. All encouraging and celebrating the best in prairie-style designs and decor.

This book due to release December 2nd 2014
A perfect holiday gifting.
Order now! through local book retailers.

Prairie-Style Weddings will inspire weddings or not weddings.
A beautifully inspiring book that inspires much more then its title.

Thank you for all the love Fifi O'Neill


November 22, 2014

In My Everyday White...Giving Of Thanks

Burlap Luxe Home

Yes, I do have a kitchenette, and one that most of my creations take place in.
I often paint here, and create the products that coat and cover my art pieces.
I lift my eyes to the view through the rustic shutters salvaged from an old
cedar armoire doors.

I will be happy with them years from now.

I love the worn damage that one may not approve of, but I find that they
charm me.

Classic French washed in greys.

I favor Greenery...
Over flowers.
Clippings from the hedges that outline nature in my front yard.

Buckets and baskets of all sorts will be filled with what nature so freely offers
in giving of thanks.

French place settings and French stainless cutlery will set a table of giving.

Linens and serving trays will be in use adding French rustic.

Baskets will be arranged and filled greeting the season.

Lighting will be dimmed.
Incase you were wondering this is the $5.00 thrift shop find that I wired with
a new $3.99 lighting cord and it was ready to hang, and now hangs
over the sink in all its rustic French charm.

Peaceful nature and giving of thanks.

November 10, 2014

Burlap Luxe Rural And Creative...Comfortable Living

Burlap Luxe Home Living

It's the precious imagination seen in a piece that just belongs.

Burlap Luxe comfortable living, keeping it calm, plain and
useful - giving each piece a chance at a good design.

Burlap Luxe - Rustic

Burlap Luxe - Salvage

Burlap Luxe - Galvanized Buckets

Burlap Luxe - Garden And Rustic Goat Bell

Burlap Luxe - Bottles And Zinc

Burlap Luxe - Nature

Burlap Luxe - Vintage Rustic Box

Burlap Luxe - Box Of Keeping

Burlap Luxe - French Wire Art Crowns.

I have newly created crowns for my etsy shop.
A perfect Christmas tree topper, cake topper for your wedding, shower gift for
her sweet arrival. Home decor, holiday gifting.

Here..BurlapLuxe etsy shop

The detailing in my work, vintage wire of salvage, vintage jewlery, pearls, wire and glass beads,
as well as woven wire threads and vintage laces. Then charmed with a
vintage ephemera word of endearment.

Details in my original hand bent French wirework, crusty age artist created, and
sealed for heirloom quality.
(Charm reads) Duchesse, Love, and France.

Burlap Luxe

Living feels timeless with worn and rustic - Less complicated belogings.