July 17, 2014

Rustically White

Burlap Luxe Home

Details can make a difference.
This mirror was antique gold and silver, I wanted to add more age to an
antique mirror that would create a sense of calm by adding rusticity to its

A decidedly new look of old, by painting and distressing it in white.

Details can make a difference.

I knew the outcome all along, it was to be white with authentic aging to it.
I saw this mirror in contrasting shades of white, greys, and
naturally aged.

Giving it a timeworn look nourishes my home with purposeful soul.

A less cared for effortless beauty in all things rustically white.

July 11, 2014

French Romance, Promise, Ceremony, Designs

Burlap Luxe Home Designs And Art.

I posted my latest cabinet that I married rustically with a Century Furniture Co. Side table
buffet in my last post that felt like it found its place in my home office severing as storage.
I was not sure it felt right so the last couple of days while finishing up some art piece's
I began to study a kitchen wall and this is what came of it.

This is the piece that entertained use in my home office as storage in my last post.
While finishing up some art pieces I was studing this wall in my kitchen, and decided
that this piece was hidden in my office and not looked at enough; you know what I mean?
It was a piece I could not take my eyes off of to its final design and paint finish
I gave it.

The buffet, side board was salvaged from a local thrift shop, I paided $22.00
for, and it was in bad scratched up shape, yet sturdy with European country lines;
and what a deal for a piece that came from Century Furniture Co. High Point
North Carolina, the largest industry in trade showing of fine furniture.
The top Cabinet was married to this buffet 2 years later when I found this!
I took out the glass shelving and added aged alder planks splits and all. I
then added raw plywood beadboard backing to another piece of 1/4"
plywood for strength; adding shelving support runs under the shelving incase
I ever wanted to hang it as part of my kitchen cabinets, rustic and inspiring.
The cabinet cost me $30.00. Alder wood and plywood another $31.00
For $83.00 this is what now inspires my kitchen wall.

I am still finding the right pieces to fill the cabinet with.
Yet I do know that the plates will stay because they fit so well in place.

I ordered the plates for a  sweet friend and blogger;
Laura Venosa...
Verbena Nested Tresures.blogspot.com

Laura's French pottery plates made with the finest of clays are so loved in our home.
Look at there ir.reg.u.lar not even or balance in shape or arrangement.
I asked her to custom make me some plain in colour and,
as out of shape as she could. Are they just not the most charming plates with so much
French charm?

I love pieces that have multiple personalities, taking on a look for
what ever room you place them in.

Burlap Luxe art piece, created by me! Dore Callaway.

This corner of my kitchen looks onto the buffet/sideboard and cabinet.
I am loving all the added cabinets in this room adding surround sound to it.

New to my etsy BurlapLuxe etsy shop is...
My newest of three new paintings that can be found now for sale.



"Romance in France"
Paper French vintage ephemera art back ground and vintage crusty lace, all
painted with plaster technique to the back ground and laces I am known for.
Painting the "Flowers Of Light" Brush dipped in paint with a soulful connection.


June 25, 2014

Restored Rural Romance. "I Took My Time."

Burlap Luxe Home Designs

Painted by Dore Callaway (Me)

A restored antique Century furniture chest I acquired from a local thrift shop.
I stripped it down to it's rawness so I could see the beauty it is. I loved the
lines, and its centuries-old charm. The top cabinet is married to the side-
board chest.

The less then generous fit with the cabinet leaves space on each end to
catch rustic's that land.

I added new hardware glass knobs aged with crusty homemade plaster paint.
Knobs (Lowes)

The Cabinet

The cabinet is a seperate piece purchased from another local thrift for $30.00
It belonged to another piece, and it being seperated was my good fortune.
The cabinet had glass shelving, and I added aged wood shelves;
 the backing was flimsy so I added bead board backing to a piece of plywood 
that would allow me to hang someday if desired.

I painted the cabinet to blend seamlessly with the side-board chest I painted
2 years ago; giving it a lime washed finish.

I am so pleased with the mixing of two seperate antiques pieces inspiring one
rural rustic piece.

It now sits in my home studio office where my art and designs take place.
I love the accumulation of things it can hold, and the life I gave these two
old castoffs.

I added a bit of black paint washed into the wood grain giving it an old
world finish; it adds to its aged feel and look.

A rubbed off finish to the wear of its paint finish.
Even the hardware received a bit of paint aging.

I love entering this room that inspires the art and designs I create.

June 19, 2014

The Trouble With Beauty

Dore Callaway Art and Home Designs.

The trouble with beauty is that it's difficult to agree exactly what it is.

Everything I create around has a charm of it's own, an imperfection here
and there rather then perfection; it's the imperfections that makes it interesting.

A rustic French grouping of floral cans inspire.

The white rose has retained its association with both love and formal ceremony.
Everlasting love that endure beyond all else.

I have been painting white roses sometimes called "the flower of light."
I am taking time to paint in its calm.

" Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."
~ Thomas Merton

When painting, a stillness comes over me letting go and freeing myself in what
bonds me to its pureness.

Everyday I see a part of art I've never seen before.

I paint on wood paneling, the roughness reminds me of grained linen canvas.
Artists centuries ago used this practice, and I want to feel the soul in each panel as
artists before me.

I then frame them in with salvage scraps of wood; making sure it speaks to me calling
out, "I am done."

It's then on completion that I am no longer its creator and a sense of sadness comes
over me when it's completed. With each dipping of brush to paint, and the blending of colour,
emotions tie me to each piece.

Garden salvage inspires.

Framed in weathered garden stakes, stained with the winter rains that rise up to
greet what blooms.

Soon my art will be added to my peaceful etsy shop, "BurlapLuxe"

I dip brush into my soul, while painting grace in ones heart.

Everyday I am inspired by its little imperfections.

June 02, 2014

Little Area's Of Usefulness

Burlap Luxe Home Designs

Much of what has been handed down takes over this space.

When I aquire a piece from a market place be it a flea market, thrift shop or tag sale I
alway's think of them as pieces handed down with my instant connection to them;
as if the piece has always belonged.

I adore creating little areas of usefulness, along with dried aged flowers they
add that Frenchness as favored in faded toile French textiles.

A small find at my local thrift shop was part of this lighting attached to a hanging tiffany swag light.
I took the lamp and glass shade apart and with pieces left over from other lamps I was able to create
and marriage pieces to create this chandelier in the works. I paid $5.00 for the chandelier, and spare
parts I had on hand. I am excited to wire it and get it hung; embellishing it with something different,
and creative.

A draped French textile piece are much in evidence in French rural interiors.
No piece to small or of insignificant to be used somewhere.

Little Area's of usefulness.