November 22, 2015

Showing Hospitality Rustic And Rural French

 Burlap Luxe Home

Entertaining with a hospitable heart.
Giving of thanks, and throwing away every trouble
this world throws our way.

You are invited to sit at my table.

 I have decided I need nothing new for this thankful
table this year. 
I appreciate what I have, and won't disregard it as
not good enough.

 Rural and Rustic
French in pottery design as if a roadside potier
has hand tossed it's family dinning plates, but I did.

My hand tossed and misshapen pottery plates will
be set and ready to greet family and guest.

It only felt fitting that our table be set in 
French style, rural and rustic.

Giving Of Thanks.

I am content with what was shaped by my hands.
Content is great gain.

Vintage serving spoons.

Symbolic in France.

My plates are of French porcelain fired at temperatures
for edible daily use.
Nothing formal or fancy, just a setting of contentment.

These 6 escargot pots were brought back from a
Paris France brocante packed in a suitcase.
Now listed for you in my...

BurlapLuxe etsy shop

November 06, 2015

A Season of French and Creating.

 Burlap Luxe Home Living

Finding Beauty in The Silence of Reflection

I am taking time to celebrate the changing
of seasons.
Creating a corner of reflection, and
 dreaming of what it will cast from
its reflective space.

 Nested in the corner on the floor a French mirror 
will rest. Not at all am I disappointed in 
the placement, or the backdrop of what 
Fall and winter will bring.

Silence and reflection touches the soul~
of creating.

Reflecting what gets in its way.

Antique Bottles and Cartapesta
 This is a creative time for me, where
greyer days encourage me to seek

Hand sculpted paper mache roses, layered with
 beauty yet to follow. 
Will soon be added to my 
etsy Burlapluxe shop-
Artist created 
by Dore (me)

Decayed bottles created with lasting heirloom
quality. Layered with poetic ephemera words,
hand sculpted wire art, and tattered
vintage thread laces and twines.

Gracious Holiday Giftings.  

A Gentle Reflection in its Silence

October 28, 2015

French Country Living Autumn

 Burlap Luxe Home Autumn

 I saw old Autumn in the misty
morn stand shadowless like
silence, listening to silence.
~Thomas Hood
 A rustic royal holiday table will be
center pieced with a grey pumpkin
wearing one of my French wire

 My hand twisted French wire art can
be found in my etsy shop
Burlap Luxe etsy
on my site side-bar.

Wonderful crowns for a dinning table center 
piece set atop a French-Prairie pumpkin.

A start on holiday shopping here...
Gifting a crown, or using them as a
special tree ornament or tree topper.

 Hard to reach places are taking on
seasonal decor.
Gentle-soft creams perhaps and some
pale greys.

 In the quiet of dimmer days French antique-
iron is given my paint treatment to
candle lit wall sconces.

 A quintessential rural French bedroom is
dominated by the iron or wood bed. 
Often Iron sconces draped in necklaces 
of crystal, have been hung, this sconce
will take on wreathed twigs for the

Soon my etsy shop will be filling up with holiday-
gifting and decor.
Holiday stockings in French textile have been stocked
with reduced sales.

Inspiring a season of listening.

October 18, 2015

At Home With Dore Callaway...Published

 Burlap Luxe Home

A magazine full of inspiration and style.

I was honored to have been asked if I would share my 
home and art in their magazine published in the 
U.S and internationally.

Being published in so many countries is even that much more

My home will appear in the written languages of the 
Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, 
France, in English in the UK, and Ireland, Spain, 
Sweden, the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, 
New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Japan.

 DAPHNE'S DIARY is a sweet romantic magazine with
a vintage look and feel.
 A romantic and nostalgic layout,
 sets itself apart from other magazines by
its diary theme.

The line written, where my daughter is a student in 
Oak Hills, it's a small error in translation...
she is a college student, and our 
business address is Oak Hills. 

Here with DAPHNE'S DIARY readers, I share my home
and the passion for French brocante. Where my home
incorporates salvage and found pieces I turn into
art and designs.
 I was especially excited in their choice to feature my
French theatre's I create from old salvage woods,
fragments of old picture frames, and my love
of French cartapesta papier~mache'.

If you watch or listen closely you may hear a 
French opera performance in our home, or
the building of another 'French'
Another request of theirs was my hand twisted and 
embellished French wire-work beaded with 
vintage and covered in cartapesta...

Along with my pottery and created wood~work in 
typography that spells pottery.

My wire crowns can be found in my 
Burlap Luxe etsy shop.

I am pleased to be in beautiful company of such artist,
and designers.

The beautiful Jo-Anne Coletti shares her home,
and art. I would love to show you more but,
I will leave it to her, and not spoil it
for you.
 Another wonderful inspiring home is the home of
Stylist and photographer, Helena Bernald. She 
describes her home as quite eclectic, I 
describe it as amazing.

  Now! on your magazine stands and at your retail
book sellers...{Barns and Noble}
{Issue number 6}

It's a magazine that reads like a diary filled with,
Interior~ Garden~ Vintage~ Workshops~ Recipes~
Outings and Trips~ shopping...

In this issue beautiful cake art,
and a beautiful place in the 
English Hills, England.

Thank you 

for adding,
Grace and beauty to my days.

October 08, 2015

Patina Of A French Pale Season

Burlap Luxe 
I paint with an intensely personal affair
with a pale patina...
Making the most of a French seasonal 
 With days beginning to grey, no matter what
your celebration is, there is always beauty
to be had.

I am passionate about salvaged pieces, and
the patina of life I give them.

Yes, this chair once covered in dark stain has
taken on the paints and a pale age 
I've touched it with.
I never negotiate with a piece or
over think its finish, I just let it
speak to me.

I often will not replace the covered arm pads,
I love finishing its empty space with a
casual painted relaxed age;
making this French chair feel less formal.

 It's important that it feels authentic and not
forced in its finish and as worn as I can 
get it until it says, "I am finished."
 Salvage And patina
 Dried hydrangeas in their silvery grey greens  
is perhaps as fall as it may get.
 Nestled And Embraced.

Armoire finished in age by Dore Burlap Luxe
Almost hidden next to this large rural French armoire 
is a small drawer that I altered as a frame
of sorts.

A tranquil bird scene stirred up by
nature of twigs below.
Art By Dore Burlap Luxe
Vintage ephemera bird art washed in age.

"If I were a bird I would fly about seeking the
successive autumns"
~George Eliot

"October is a symphony of permanence and change"

Creating an atmosphere this season with 
salvage and patina.

September 21, 2015

Francais Beurre de Velvet...With French Textiles

 Burlap Luxe Home

Tranquil and embraces the idea of simplicity.
A French home in whites, silvery greys, and 
French butter.
 A whisper in contrast;
White, golden, and grey.

 Inspired spaces, 
relaxed and seasonal.

 One thing about fall it rushes me
into winter.
The demand for my French stockings has me
in rush mode.

Seasons and time seem to work against me!
The great part is after meeting the many
needs of my buyers in the trade, it
allows me to fill my etsy shop with a
head start in the season to come.

 French Velvet Brocade
custom created pattern and sewn
Dore of Burlap Luxe

Vintage French textiles hand sewn into
holiday stockings in a velvet tone as soft as 
French butter.
Instant heirloom, because the fabric
already is.

 5 French stockings that hang from a zinc ring 
have been included in my,
 Burlap Luxe etsy shop.

Sewn with triple overcast seams, preshrunk vintage for
family heirloom quality.

29" in length

Choosing handmade celebrates simple
Creating a French seasonal home.