January 26, 2016

Influenced By...White, Black, and Grey..The New Country.

Burlap Luxe Home 
A little Burlap Luxe Sewing
Ticking and Tattered Ties,
black and soft white mattress ticking dresses our home.
Designing on the edge of lite and dark, bringing in
a little more black with our white.


I love the mix of textiles like our French 
matelasse slip covered sofa with canvas and linen...
even velvet and gain sack find their way into our
home offset by white floors and white walls.


If you have not discovered "Country Living Modern Rustic"
The new country.
A magazine paper back that reads like a book?
I highly recommend it to all of you that find Jeanne d Arc magazine inspiring.

This magazine/book is found at your local book sellers and I
can't say enough about how inspiring this magazine book reads.
European influenced, flea market styled, soulfully enriched, 
I can't wait for each new issue to come out, and
well worth the $20.00 price tag and I am sure
you will agree.

Where and artist designs and creates...
In hues of white, grey, and black.


Yes we are often told we dress like our home!
A wool jacket suited for grey chilled days,
often worn with torn tattered jeans and a
manly white v-neck and a grey scarf.

It's the designer in me, I can't help it!


Out of the ruins...
soft shades and salvage feed the soul of our
home living.


Rustic in nature, elegant beyond the simple, 
and the pale.


Feathers from natures natural gatherings.

Gifted rocks that look like wild bird eggs.
Yes, they are apart of our home,
reminding us to see more then a rock.


Pia Bleu,
our Italian greyhound
is now 2 years old
We breathe in her love.  

January 21, 2016

A French Burlap Luxe Palette...A Flavour of France

Burlap Luxe Home and Art

By The Sea...A palette of grey hues bring a Nordic/French soulful beauty to your fisherman's cottage or culinary European Kitchen. Oysters on a half shell.

French Poet
Leon-Paul Fargue

"Eating oysters is like
kissing the sea on the lips."
Cartapesta French Paper mache
hand created
Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe

Crowns and Oysters

Vintage book ephemera sea.
Aged and sea weathered.

Tranquil Garlands of Oyster shells,
and Salvaged woods.

Soft greys and whites washed in the sea with salvaged
woods that echo the feel of driftwood's bleached and
washed by the sea, where waves lapping against the
sand adds plenty of texture naturally.


More then 90% of the oysters produced in France
are consumed by the French.
The French have been the undisputed leader in
farming oysters in all of Europe.


Cartapesta crowns dangle, and well suited as
if found drifted along the seashore.


Tattered laces, netting's, and cartapesta crowns,
and sea like beaded pearls are strung
with salvage.


French Culinary Sea-Catchers.


Salvaged from the sea.

Crowned The French Oyster: the pearl of the
The French whom are called the farmers of the sea,
work with "savior-faire".
A source of inspiration,
these little concentrates of the ocean,
are now...

in my
BURLAP LUXE etsy shop.


The Grey Sea 
Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe 

January 09, 2016

Ancient French Surfaces Inspire French Living

Pottery stamped Burlap Luxe
Burlap Luxe French Potterey
Misshapen as if a French roadside potter was selling 
 old earthenware. 

In The Studio

I am creating pottery, reclaiming time with hands pressed
to clay.
Ancient style organic French clay's fired for 
everyday use.

Ancient French Surfaces,
Inspire Pottery.

The spirit and soul in creating pottery, entertains   
place settings in the rustic elegance of use.
A recipe for what is valued most in 
French living.


France was the first country in all
of Europe to cultivate oysters.

 French seaside, Culinary kitchen art,
 oysters on a half shell, my latest creative work is weaved into salvage and 

Soon my culinary seashell art will be
listed in my Burlap Luxe etsy shop,
I am excited to share something for
the French Nordic kitchen.

January 03, 2016

Rustic, Rural, Reclaimed...French

Burlap Luxe French Home Kitchen

Found art, art found

Faded beauty reclaimed with a feeling of
new discovery.

New From Old

Earthenware and Garden

Distinctive French Vintage

Raw Materials

 Hand Created and painted to feel old 
by Dore, Burlap Luxe.

The French have this saying for the meaning of their
French flea market brocante.
"Not quite valued, but not quite worthless"
 Vintage mahogany floor board sign...
Framed in weathered and old.
Now in my Burlap Luxe etsy.
18"1/2 x 7"1/2 x 1"3/4   

Inspired by The French Countryside.

Rustic, Rural, Reclaimed

In the details of not replacing the candlstick
Leaving them natural and simple.

Inspiring new from old.
Weaving the same life in a new year!

December 21, 2015

A French Winter Production

Burlap Luxe Designs

French theatre designed and built
by French architect,
Dore Callaway
(Burlap Luxe)

Majestic French Theatre
presents a Noel musical
production of...
French winter mice.
December 21 through January 1

Hidden deep in the secluded French hillside
sat a majestic aged French theatre built centuries ago,
by the hillside mice.

A theatre where a charming audience of field mice every
winter looked forward to a production of,
Un Joyeux Noel winter mice musical.

The Beauty and Design

Enhanced the experience of their performance.

Candle lit stage

A magical performance, twinkling candlelight for an
inviting performance that delighted the young and old
The hillside theatre sat really in the most magical place untouched for years, and only then that magical season of greetings would the hillside mice come out to play in 
 theatrics of, a winter performance of, 
 a French Noel musical. 

Tattered Banners

Hung with a whimsical wire ladder.

I Loved The architecture

The minute I used it.
Little mice were the muse in why it was

Nestled and Embraces Winter

Washed in whites and aging greys, touched
with golds with my paint brush in hand.  

Gathered History and 
Beautifully Faded

Quintessentially French

(My created hand twisted French wire chandelier)
sets the stage. 

Fringed, Frayed, Theatre Curtains

A Glow of A Production Seen Afar.

The Hillside Theatre

Now relocated from the hillside story of France, the theatre entertains this winter in my studio where its history, age, 
and beauty acts out...

The magic of a winters Noel.

This French theatre was built with gathered antique 
salvage, old reimaged wood planked stage floors,
and staged with my hand twisted wire, and
paper ephemera mice.
by me 
 Special Theatre Productions
Please visit...

Vera, here at...Row Homes And Cobblestones 

Thank you my sweet friends for your
Joyeux productions.