August 25, 2015

La Vie est Belle..Living In French Style

 Burlap Luxe Home, where the artist lives.

Awaiting the comfort of the season's to

 A season of white linen and natural washed grey.
 La Vie est Belle

The elegant art of living 
in French style
~ Henrietta Heald

Thank You VERA,
"Row Homes and Cobblestones"
For your kind and gentle giving heart.
Vera, adds beauty to your heart of living.

 Further in the art of French living, it's time to
bring what has lived outside amongst the weathering 
sun in.
I am comforted by it's weathered grey.
 "L' entente de la nie"
The agreement negates the claim is just.

I live with little design restrictions.
 My French art will be copied to aged tattered paper prints so
my Burlap Luxe etsy shoppers can enjoy my art in their
agreeable homes.
The depth of art.
French Women,

I have named this piece...
"Elle regarde"
(She Watches)
 Weathered and washed in grey.
My art signs are found in my Burlap Luxe etsy shop.
 Awaken With Bird~Song 
 new Burlap Luxe art.

In the still before the dawn a place of refuge, shelter, and
calm...Roadside sanctuary shrine. 
Cartapesta French paper mache...
Which means "chewed paper"
Now in my, 
etsy shop.

My Burlap Luxe signs
A place of gathering, gather together, here we

Weathered and washed in white and grey...
Vintage mahogany floor boards, framed in distressed
weathered grey trim.
 I adore European SEA COTTAGES.
Hand painted in weathered white and distressed grey, and
hangs by a grey advertising chain by aged eye hooks.

Artist signed~Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe etsy
 I envision this sign hanging on a sea side hut,
or your "SEA COTTAGE"
 My favorite medium is CARTAPESTA paper mache.
Yes, in my Burlap Luxe etsy

Created on weathered wood washed by the grey of age.
Aviary wire, and a garland wreath of paper mache,
hangs by rusted wire.
Laying of the rose wreath.

Rosemary and Linen
 La Vie est Belle

 My French Cottage

July 23, 2015

All Things Old And French

 Burlap Luxe French Home

A French farmhouse bedroom rural, rustic, or elegant
should always be characterized by simplicity;
whether the room is large or small.
Naturally the most important piece in the room
is the bed.

This is my room and the iron bed is re-built from
antique castings custom made in queen size from its
normal full size antique.
 Side table I built from an old saw horse, I only added a plank top and some salvaged wood from an old ladder for the apron 
trim. I have yet to tire of its look and rustic function.
 The tone on tone of aged whites allow each piece to
stand out, yet not take over in competing with
each other.

Noting in this room is polished, just pickled and
painted-pale and most interesting is nothing
is new.

 This iron bed has been several colours before its
white finish I gave it. Most important was to
scratch it up and scuff it to show off the crackle 
to it that makes it feel as old as the bed itself.

 Castings on an iron bed speak to me.
Salvage lighting fits right in.

 Frayed bed-skirt added all the rightness as soon as
I ripped off the hem.
 A perfect French chest of drawers, a thrift shop find I allowed to intrude in my cozy space after removing the
dark and washing it down in white with
a hint of grey.
 Peacefully dusted in whites and greys.

 My daughters room a preferred choice for her bedroom,
colours follow the rest of the house: greiges,
beiges, creams to whites, but also salvaged pieces
dusted with weathered distressing of age.

Rural romance of rustic French.
 Detailing in the distressed age.

 A mix of textiles adds all it needs to its
French language it speaks.
Vintage canvas, linens, and matelasse.
 Cotton lace crochet and leather prairie boots.

 A bed side marble top chest sits against the wall 
at the foot of her bed.

What goes on a French iron bed is as important as the
bed itself.
 The bed linens are a mix of new and old: keeping them
neutral helps to make this long narrow room feel
open and airy, with space and lightness to its
heavier touches.
 A weathered side table holds sweet notes in a wood box
piled with a journal and a book of poetry.
The empty mirror frame adds a touch of salvage to
its back drop space.

 A salvaged garden table with empty frames and
a chandelier: again everything French that
she loves.

Informal does not mean it can't be beautifully French.
Carefully chosen integral part of the plan that
draws on its relationship to all things old.

June 29, 2015

The Village Potter...A French Home

 All In The Details Of Collecting And
Creating Pottery.

 Plain and simple clay becomes my objects of desire.
 Spending time around clay creating plates I like to call
roadside pottery that feels authentic and natural to add
raw materials to my French country home.

The firing kiln temperature allows me to use them
 I love how they add traces of me being the village potter to
my home. Quirky and mismatched in shapes and size, 
rustic and romantic, the time-worn feeling brings
rural France to my home.
Inspired by Pottery

June 25, 2015

Rural French And Faded Old-World

 Burlap Luxe Home Faded And Washed

Linen and faded in old-world style; perfectly at home in
French country-style.

 Inspired by the palest of French living.
I have been sewing with faded worn looking linens.
 New to my etsy shop is the feather pillow slip covers envelope style
faded shams. They have the feeling of old world European linen flour sacks,
and I love the French cottage charm they add with being washed, and worn.

 Euro-sham in faded roses and stripped linen.

 Lumbar linen sham in the same print over stuffed with a feather insert.
It fights in no way with its pale backdrop.

 Rural French and faded with washed and worn old-world.

Reclaimed fabric's add so much to my faded French home that
I am keeping a set for myself, and the other set is listed in my
etsy shop here on my sidebar. Soon to be filled with more
  relaxed vintage, and hand-made, sewn by Dore (me) 
at Burlap Luxe.

Living rural French.